Ducks have visited Beaver Dam Lake for centuries on their migration south. The cypress lined oxbow cutoff of the Mississippi River has become a place of legend thanks to the stories of outdoor sportswriter Nash Buckingham.

Hunters first started coming to Beaver Dam riding a tug boat down the Mississippi River to Austin and then riding several miles inland to the little hamlet of Evansville. When the railroad through the county was established, the members of the club would ride the train from Memphis known as the “Limb Dodger” to  Evansville (3 miles south of Tunica, MS) where the Beaver Dam club caretaker, Horace Miller, would meet them for a short ride to the club house.

Beaver Dam Ducking Club was established in 1883 and is one of the oldest hunting clubs in North America. Nash Buckingham’s father was one of the founding members of the club.

The Beaver Dam lake and farmland around the lake is owned by private landowners. In

2011 Tunica County installed a weir at the southeast runout of the lake in order to help maintain a stable water level for hunting and fishing.

There is a gentleman’s agreement of the lake’s landowners that duck hunting is not allowed after 12:00 noon.

One landowner has listed approximately 157 acres of Beaver Dam for sale. This property has a permanent conservation easement and can never be subdivided. The property can be hunted or leased on a yearly basis to a club, but commercial day hunting is not allowed as per this conservation easement. There are other restrictions concerning this conservation easement that should be researched by any potential buyer prior to purchase.

This property is located south of Austin Road in Tunica County Mississippi. Seabrook Road divides the property with approximately 122 acres to the East of Seabrook Road and approximately 35 acres located to the West of Seabrook Road. The property contains young to mature cypress trees and has water over the land. The cypress trees are harvest regulated by the conservation easement.

This duck season the east 122 acres is leased to a hunting club and may be inspected after 12 noon during the duck season or morning and afternoon after the close of duck season. The west 35 acres in not leased. There is believed to be three to four duck blinds located in the 122 acre property and no blinds located in the 35 acre property. Seller has stated that any interested party could come and hunt the 35 acre property.

Seller will also provide buyer with 1 (one) acre of land located on the north side of Austin Road for a club house site. Said location to be selected prior to closing. Seller is to provide Buyer with a warranty deed subject to said conservation easement. Seller will provide Buyer with all information concerning said conservation easement. All information presented is believed to be accurate, but no warranty or guarantee is made. Buyer is advised to have his legal advisors verify all aspects of sale. (See the enclosed map for details.)

The investment price per acre is $4,000.00  x 157 acres ( app.) = $628,000.00

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